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Ask Kenny June 2019

Hey y'all! It's been a long time since I told y'all what the streets been askin', so my bad loves. The woman who slid in my DMs (not like that weirdos) probably didn't know she'd be featured on my blog, but as I'm not one for putting individuals on blast or trying to embarrass people on the innanets, she shall remain anonymous. Read and I shall tell you why I did not answer her directly.  

Q.: "Hey sis I would love your support and for you to purchase my book"

Yeah, I know. It's kinda like a question. As a business woman and an almost published author, I get and respect the hustle. It is good business to personally approach people personalized marketing can be effevtive but not just as consumers.

If you assumed that I've never met this woman, you'd be correct. I accepted a request based off of my very cautious system to select who will be accepted to follow my personal social media cause I'm so big on there, LOL yeah, right! That reminds me I do have some cleaning of my personal profile to do not to suggest she's a follower needing to be removed. I loosely recall her sending me a DM after her book was released inviting me to support her at a signing or something. Cool, right? Well, I don't recall if I responded then but it was in a different state, so clearly it was a no for me dawg. This time I didn't respond because I did not want to be rude. I don't know this woman personally, who by her seemingly honest profile seems like a nice enough lady, so I don't know how she would've received my reaction. 

When inviting people to support you, they need to know a purpose. I believe in supporting Black businesses, small businesses, young enterprise, charity, etc. Clearly I can't just hand out money whenever someone tells me a good mission statement I ain't got it like that yet, but even when I do giving out money still needs a method to the madness. It's one thing to make a general post inviting people to support you and sharing on your platform ways to learn about the book, business, initiative, etc., but for a direct message to a stranger finesse is required. When I say "finesse", I don't imply lying and beefing up what you have to look like something else. People are either going to support you or not, but for me if I don't know you or anything about you, you need to come correct. I believe in charitable giving but if I know no one involved, never seen the work, never read the mission statement, don't know who it's benefitting, then guess what? Ya girl ain't forkin' over dollars. I have the same philosophy for for-profit businesses as well especially those that don't provide services or goods directly beneficial to me. Broke people stay broke by not learning from past purchasing decisions. Learn how to use your purchase power. 

Now listen, I haven't gotten this business thing all figured out yet either. Truthfully, I'm learning as I go from every single experience, and soon I'll be adjusting my pitches to my novel. When I share Braxton Management LLC or Young NOT Foolish LLC I share what we do, our mission, who I serve, etc when time allows. I welcome people to visit the websites. Because Braxton Management provides necessary services to my target demographic, but I can't just say "hey, give me some money, please." When I share YNF, I love inviting people to patronize events and purchase apparel, but YNF has a social cause tied to it that must be shared. In the process I'll be in soon sharing my novel, I'll have to tell people about it as opposed to just saying "hey stranger, I'd love your support!" Tell me the "why" behind what you want them to do. Actually build a relationship to expand your network. 

Does that make sense? Well, even if it doesn't that's all I got for today. If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better. 

Be blessed.

-K.T. Braxton 

P.S. I'm almost done writing my novel. This is highly surreal. It's difficult sharing details, but before I ask for your support, I have to give you the "why". I'll love you whether you support me or not. 

Don't forget to follow @youngnotfoolish on IG and Young NOT Foolish LLC on FB. Later loves. 

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