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Ask Kenny 2.12.2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

"Do you have a real job?" I know! People ask me this more than you'd know.

Simply put, no. I don't have a "real job". I am a full-time entrepreneur and have been for a few years now. I haven't had a W2 in quite some time for unrelated reasons. I don't knock any career path. Everybody has different purpose, passion, progress, desire, and ability. Many days I've fantasized about a different career track, involving climbing a ladder and racking up executive benefits but my path is different and I'm content with that. I am building from scratch and unlike many of my counterparts, my growth has been very slow to the naked eye, but the keyword is growth.

As an entrepreneur and soon-to-be self-published author, there are many hours I work which aren't billable. Yeah, necessary work for no pay. I could put it off but then I'd be playing myself. Many hours include writing, editing, strategizing, planning, pitching, researching, content building, etc. When a contract is up for Braxton Management LLC, I have to find new ones. When Young NOT Foolish LLC needs something even if it doesn't have it, I have to have it. I'm in a committed relationship with my businesses. I'm taking care of them, so one day they can take care of me. This is a job, most days it feels like multiple jobs.

It's crazy to some people because there's no 401k or guaranteed salary or benefits attached. That all falls on me, but soon I will offer very real jobs with wonderful perks because I'm doing the job now.

Whatever you do, working as a janitor to being a doctor to hairstyling to nursing to teaching to managing to singing to waiting to owning a business, do it well. Whatever your job is, let it be real to you.

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.