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Ask Kenny 12.10.2019

What’s good my people? I know it’s been a while and I shouldn’t have let y’all without a dope piece to think to, think to… Iight well I tried. Ya girl had a lot goin’ on but I’m back at it like I never left. This “Ask Kenny” post is mad relevant in these last days of 2019.

“So you that busy, huh?” Real talk, folks asked me this.

Most times when people ask this, they’re poking fun or flat out hatin’. Often times, we misconstrue busyness for productivity and a sense of importance. “Oh girl, you always busy, you so important.” We misuse the word busy ALL THE TIME. There is a such thing as busy work. You may have been familiar with this concept in school. Teachers use this method when they want to keep young students’ hands from being idle. Sometimes parents give busy work in the summer to keep their children from wasting all the knowledge gained during the school year.

Busy is not always a bad thing, but because it is misunderstood it can be easily become such. You still with me? Kids can be busy getting’ into trouble. Somebody’s spouse can be busy bein’ up to no good. I can be busy with foolishness like unnecessary pettiness -notice I said unnecessary, sometimes you gotta clapback. Iight iight, the Lord is still workin’ on me. Forgive me Jesus. We can be busy doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

So, yes to answer the question I have been busy, quite busy, frantically busy, astronomically busy, TOO GOSH DARN BUSY! “With what?” Now that is the true question. Busy trying not to lose my entire mind, cleaning up messes, chasing dreams -some pipe dreams and some attainable goals. Some days being productive, some days being unproductive. I own and operate two businesses still in the building stage and I have no regular employees at the moment. Shout out to my 2019 marketing intern. There is always something to be done. Plan development, website maintenance, social media management, market research, sending pitch emails, networking, tending to existing clients, and so much more. Do I always hit all of those in a day, week, or even month? NO! Not at all because I get busy with other tasks too, busy being just Kenny, busy wearing all the hats I possess, busy trying to figure out of how to juggle everything and find time to take care of myself. We all can be busy, but the key is finding balance and knowing that productivity is a sliding scale.

For me some of my most productive days are the least busy. I do not claim to be a workaholic, but I have been called one a time or two or a thousand, so not checking my day planner and bombarding myself with a tight schedule is sometimes when I make the most momentous strides. Some days doing laundry and putting it away in the same day is productive. Some days remembering to schedule time to eat in between tasks is productive. Some days working all day then working on my novel at 1am till whenever is productive. It depends on the day and level of importance. Prioritize, people!

Life can make anyone busy. Societal pressures can have you feeling inadequate like if you don’t fill every minute of your day with something you are failing. The concept of people’s optimal time clocks comes into play also. Stop telling everybody to wake up at 3am or they’re lazy and losing. If you are a night owl, do not be discouraged. Work with what ya got, honey! Optimize YOUR time because it was given to you. We can busy ourselves to an untimely death especially when we allow the world to dictate to us. Use what God gave you with the tools He gave you. We are all different, therefore our goals, strengths, weaknesses, clocks, opportunities, gifts, and paths all vary. Whether you have a career, are on the entrepreneur tract, or do a combination of both or whatever, do you!. You don’t need filler projects.

From a personal standpoint, time is incredibly valuable and irreplaceable. Though sometimes ya girl does have to reclaim her time, MMKAY! We make time for what we deem important. Yes, sometimes busyness is necessary and there are legitimate reasons to be unavailable. It’s called OPPORTUNITY COST! Without that exception, we are commonly too busy simply because we do not care to be bothered.