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This Is the End

I wasn't planning on doing this but I am the Founder with a blog I've been neglecting. (Sorry to the two people who follow the Founder's Blog.) For those of you who don't know me, I am Kenny and it has been some kind of year. I'll spare the personal details but here goes. Every year is different. Some for growing. Some for maturing. Some for planting. Some for watering. Some for reaping. Some more good than bad while others seem more bad than good. What every year has in common is that each is for growing. This year was challenging and foggy. It went by quickly yet somehow managed to drag in the most uncomfortable times, all while speeding through the highlight reel. I began the year scrambling to finish school. I began a new season before 2017 ended, so in the beginning of this year I was starting something new and struggling to close something that seemed to be so old. I know people are tired of me talking about graduating and I joke that I'm not letting it go (I'm really not so there's that), but graduating was about more than the piece of paper that is being held hostage until I finish paying the university or the student loans with my name on them. It's about walking through flames thinking I was scorched but coming out unscathed. It was about opening my eyes to truly understand that surviving wasn't enough. It was about thriving. It was a stepping stone to the wake up call of Young NOT Foolish and Braxton Management screaming at me saying "WE NEED YOU TO NOURISH US!" It was to my mountain of dreams telling me to climb them. This year my book is closer to being finished. (Yeah, I know I'm writing a novel. Crazy, right?) I'm almost to my next. This year more things I don't like about myself were revealed. This year I've loved more than I ever have before and this is just the beginning. This year I learned to embrace my rough edges because I endure. I need not make apologies for strength. This year I was reminded of who I am and who I'm becoming. I was also reminded that I am the brand and no one can tell the stories of vision I was gifted to birth better than I can. In 2019, I will have the pleasure of sharing more YNF content, apparel and events. To those who support me and my babies, I thank you. I am grateful. I look forward to seeing you all much more in 2019. Thank you for the learning curves. I love you but God loves you better. Be blessed. -K.T. Braxton 

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