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You Said You Ride Fa Me, How Far?

But are gone do whatever it takes to take me to Jesus? In Luke 2:1-5, four friends rode for their mans so tough that they cut a whole in the roof and lowered their boy down to meet Jesus, so Jesus could heal him. They ain't know what that truly meant, but I imagine they were determined to see the homie walk again. They care that much that they did whatever it took. Talk about down fa whatever.

In your friendships, are you this down? Do you even pray fa yo friends? Do you enable self destructive behavior?

Do you just yell "aye" and record? Don't get it twisted there's a time and a place fa that. Gasin up the team is one of my favorite pastimes, but fa real. When it's time to do heavy lifting, are you there? When there are no words, do you sit in silence? Do you show up when you know something ain't right? Or you just there for the fun? You only comin' when it's lit?

When's the last time you hit up yo dawg just to check-in? When's the last time you invited friends to church?

If these are hard questions, then baby you got some work to do. You got neglected muscles that need toning so you can be fit to grab a corner of the mat to lift up your friend and bring him or her to Jesus. Life can be brutal because we all affect one another, sometimes we make stupid decisions, and sometimes rough moments just happen for our growth or His glory and sometimes we flat out don't know why the storm comes. That can be a lonely road bruh. Sometimes we forget the importance of friends. Real friends, family.

I don't call folks my family lightly 'cause if I got you, I mean that junk even if I need to carry you sometimes. Sometimes I need a check, too, to make sure I'm on my job, but are we in this thang together? How far you gone ride? Will you get me to Jesus by any means necessary when I can't lift a pray up for myself?

If no one has shown you, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.

-K.T. Braxton

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