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I Said What I Said

Updated: Mar 9

Y'all ain't ask, but I made time. Before playing, please note that this may contain triggering content on a controversial matter of the overturning of Roe v Wade.

A few cents left out of the recording:

  1. If there were only Black women getting abortions, I believe this would be a non-factor.

  2. There's an accused rapist on the Supreme Court who's display only made him look guilty, but this is what we're on today?

  3. I would consider myself pro-choice which doesn't necessarily translate to "pro-abortion". I understand some of the reasoning for abortion and I also know that's it's not my job to understand. What people do with their bodies is between them and the Creator. There are married Christian women who have been put in impossible situations or told by doctors impossible odds of their survival and the survival of their unborn children. Not every story is the same, and again if they don't share their testimony, we must understand it's not our business.

  4. We cannot spew hate and spread Jesus at the same time. Don't get me wrong Holiness is still Holiness, but only God is truly Holy. God also gave us free will and we need to be mindful of our choices and how they affect other people. Christians, I'm speaking to the true lovers of Christ, when we try to control people, we either create cults or push people away from Christ. Neither is our job. We are to lead by example, correct out of love, and be about the Kingdom of God. How did this outcome show love for God and love for our neighbors in any way?

  5. This world is evil, but God still reigns.

  6. It's okay not to be okay. God is big enough to take all we feel. We ought not to question God's Sovereignty, but we ought to go to God with e