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So What Now? (Special Edition Ask Kenny)

You ever notice how once you reach a milestone -like immediately following- people ask "So what now?". It's as if you just climbed a mountain and people want to rush you to the next climb. Isn't the endurance of pain and hardship of the climb only worth it for the view? Are we not supposed to take it in and bask in its glory?

When you're dating, folks ask when you're getting married as if enjoying courtship is sinful. When you get married, you're rushed to have kids. What if they want to wait a while or don't want kids at all? Is enjoying the moment too much of a foreign concept? As soon as you land your dream job, loved ones may ask when you'll move up as opposed to just celebrating the moment. For the love, why?

Recently I graduated earning my BBA, and my family and other well-wishers have asked me what I'm doing next and many of them vehemently suggest graduate school. Though I do have a plan in place for the most part, my answer for what's next is "Breathe!" My voyage through formal higher education was not typical and it was not the best time of my life, though there were some unforgettable moments I wouldn't change for the world. I want a moment to appeciate the long journey ending in a miraculous way and I will not be ashamed to do so.

When you're asked "So what now?", let your response be: "To be grateful, to breathe, to live abundantly as God intended, and to enjoy life!" God didn't leave us here to toil in vain. He wants you to enjoy yourself. Remember that. 

If no one has shown you, I love you from the bottom of my heart but God loves you best!

Be blessed. 


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