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Ask Kenny November 2017

"How do you find balance? Do you ever feel like you're stretching yourself too thin?" 

Most days, I think I'm doing nothing remarkable and I dwell on the idea of needing to do more because in my eyes I haven't done enough. Being multifaceted makes completing simple tasks one at a time is difficult because your brain is used to juggling and working on overdrive. When I sit down and examine my dayplanner -yes, I'm a millennial who is in a committed relationship with my dayplanner- I begin to see why those who know me best say I do A LOT. I find balance by beginning my day with prayer, reading, and meditation. With my spiritual inclination and Relationship, I can feel off-balance when I miss that key step. I also prioritize. It's paradoxical but even though there is a need to do multiple tasks, having too many balls in the air can be overwhelming as well. I prioritize my day-to-day and I PLAN! Join in with me. P-L-A-N! Many times we fail because we fail to plan, but there also needs to be flexibility in the plan because they can and will change more times than not. 

Being multifaceted or not, I am a firm believer that whatever you do, whether one task or one hundred tasks, you should do it or them well, to the best of your ability. If that isn't above average, then you shouldn't do it. This notion can be stressful when you view it with competitive eyes as opposed to just wanting to labor with purpose. When you reevaluate all that you might be forcing on yourself and truly analyze what you do well, what you're passionate about, and what needs to be done you'll better know how to prioritize. Don't get it twisted, you won't have the luxury of just doing what you want all the time, but there should be balance in all things. Ask questions. Why am I doing this? Does this need to be done? Is this edifying anyone? Is this going to enable me to provide for myself?

Most importantly, breathe and pace yourself. Know that more than likely you're doing better than you think. I started two businesses while still trying to earn my degree and more -I'll spare you the details- but even with all of that I still need a push every now and then to not be so hard on myself. Sometimes I look at not having "anything to show for it" quite yet as if I'm working in vain, but then I get a random message about how a YNF event helped inspire someone or I hear about how Braxton Management has made the life of a professional a bit easier or made some processes more efficient. When I receive those random words of encouragement, it makes my late nights and early mornings worth it. Now don't get me wrong you should not solely rely on others to esteem you, though it helps greatly you ought to encourage yourself.

Learn your limits. Push them within reason. Be vigilant about your self-care. I personally need to work on that last one, but that's not the point. Anywho, thanks for participating in Ask Kenny! Feel free to submit what you'd like to talk about next time. 

If no one has shown you, I love you but God loves you better. 

Be blessed.


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