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Oh Honey, This Is Personal

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

So here's the thing.... Whoever said business isn't personal lied.

There's a scene in Harlem Nights when Quick portrayed by Eddie Murphy says "this is personal" to Dominique La Rue played by Jasmine Guy before homegirl had to go (if you know you know) and I felt that. The statement not the pow pow. Jeepers.

Just like you go to your job to get a check to pay your bills, maintain or improve the lifestyle you're accustomed to, etc., small business owners do as well. You buying apparel from a small boutique not only goes toward the upkeep of the business, payment of employees, but also the owner. I know big business really got a lot of us messed up and there are many in business lacking scruples of any kind, but for the average small business owner, you buying a product or patronizing services goes to household bills and necessities. Regardless of what level the entrepreneur is on, just starting out or well established, business is a part of livelihood.

When small businesses invest in community, that's personal. When you make it to a level of visible success, folks are proud and want to share in that success, and honey, that's personal.

When you can't afford your mortgage, groceries, or insurance let alone self-care luxuries because business is slow, oh honey that's personal. What about when your home life is suffering because of the hours you're putting in? What about when your social calendar has been empty for months because you've been so consumed with building? How is that not personal?

When you sacrifice, when you cry, when you're frustrated, when you're burned out, when you're broke and broken, when you're a mess trying to provide for your household, that's all personal. When someone bites off your ideas and concepts, that's personal. When someone steals, that's personal. When you shine, that's personal.

They call it a "work-life balance" as if work is not a part of life. Work regardless of the kind should not be your whole life. The thing is we definitely need balance, but we also have to know what we're working for and set boundaries for every aspect of life. Whether you're single or married with kids, you're working for your livelihood, are you not? Remember that when it's time to say no. Don't go around poppin' folks though, but let folks know when it is personal.

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed,

K.T. Braxton

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