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It Missed Me, I Didn't Miss It!

We've all heard it "oh well you missed out", but did we really? I'll keep it a hunnit Ebonics is a language, there have been times I felt I was missing out on a lot because of circumstances and responsibilities, some of which in my eyes weren't mine but it was God's plan so who am I to disagree. Every opportunity costs something, and missing out due to responsibility or circumstance sometimes is just how it has to be. Such is life. Truly missing out is based on choices, but what about when you didn't miss it, it just missed you?

If we're real, we've all missed something or someone that surely did not miss us and vice versa. A job, school, an opportunity, a so-called friend, a mate, etc. At some point we've been there or will be just watch, but let's examine the bright side. Yeah baby, open up those metaphorical blinds so that natural Light helps you see clearly. And shout out to the vampires like me who keep the literal blinds closed most of the time, but open them up too today, we need vitamin D loves.

It may have missed me, but I didn't miss it…

There was a position that I turned down years ago. I signed preliminary paperwork, got to work a weekend of preparation and auditions for a summer dance intensive. I would've been able to do event planning, connect with my love of the arts, AND work with youth. It was a trifecta. Through some of my work through Young NOT Foolish LLC, I've been able to dable in youth development but not always on a regular basis. Through my administration firm, Braxton Management LLC, sure I use event planning skills and more but most often less of the creative side and more of the professional and I'm good with that. Get you a girl who can do both as the young kids say. Most don't know I initially wanted this firm to primarily focus on event planning but that wasn't quite His plan, so I learned to go with the flow and used what I had. I also used to perform choral music and I have such respect for the art of dance. This was right up my alley! I mean, honey, it was glittering! I would've met pivotal people in the City of Detroit and even muckity mucks being flown in or flewed out as them young cats say. Lord, I hope they say that colloquially, but I digress. Back to the beat. I had already met a world renown dancer based in New York in that single weekend. I don't say this to brag, but to share just how much in disbelief I was by his statement. "It was so simple but so profound. While you were gone, I told everyone how brilliant I think you are” is what he said to me or a variant of such but ‘brilliant was in it guys, I promise. He was speaking of how much he was impressed by my personal mission which I had written on the fly. He didn't know that was God’s Light shining through me not just me by myself. I was flattered, but also slightly in disagreement because I did not think I was worthy of such high praise. This opportunity could have been seemingly huge for me. In my own feeble human thinking, I'd have a full team to match a full roster of clients if I went through with that contract because maybe one of those big shots I was set to meet needed to connect with me and all I had to offer. Yeah, you guessed it, there's a big ole 'but' coming.

Something wasn't well with my soul about it. Something simply didn't click. I also had a primary contract at the time. What initially was going to be secondary sought to steal me from where I was at the time. It wasn't quite time for me to leave that place yet, and as the story would have it a couple months later during what would have been my busiest time with this fancy event planning and youth development position, I was in a terrible hit-and-run accident. My then current primary client was patient and understanding. Though in a me fashion I resumed working likely before I should've, I know without a doubt I would not have been able to handle the mental and physical demands of that new exciting opportunity -and show business waits for no one, honey.

All in all, it missed me, I didn't miss it -like I thought I did. Now, clearly I didn't forsee a whole SUV t-boning me thus pinning me in my totaled car, but you never know where life takes you and what you think is so great may not be as great for you as you thought. Sometimes that glittering is washed off because it's just glitter not pure gold that's been tried and proven true for you. I still may not be where I want to be or where I thought I'd be, but in remaining loyal to my then contract position, my client gave me a raise, there was flexibility, I sharpened and increased my skillset, and I established an excellent rapport standing even after I later resigned to this day. My personal and business growth may not be as fast as I often dream it would have been if I had accepted that gig but who's to say that ground was suitable for my growth? His plan is always bigger and much more well thought out. If we're honest, ours doesn't even compare. Within a year, I just might blow up enough, to get to a level of sustainable growth, but wherever I am and wherever I’ll arrive, I know in my heart of hearts that if I’m focusing on Him,using my gifts for good, accepting joy and peace that surpasses understanding, and being diligent, I ain’t really missing out… Plenty just might miss me and that is well with my soul. It missed me, I ain't miss it.

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.

-K.T. Braxton

P.S. That job that paid well but would've driven you to an early grave. Yeah, it missed you because you had the best numbers, but you ain't missing out.

That steady income you left without a back up plan but with faith and peace, let it miss you. Don’t start missing it once the adrenaline wears off; seek His guidance. I been there, too.

That business deal that's lucrative but would've cost your soul. Oh baby, need I really explain that? Say it with me "it missed me, but I ain't miss it."

That church that yielded no fruit and didn't truly serve but sucked your gifts dry misses you but you certainly don't need to miss it. Go to God and be restored and led to where He wants you planted. Having been somewhere for years doesn't mean you have to stay.

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