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Black 365

Every year in the month of February, many of us put on this super pro-Black facade that fades away when the clock strikes midnight on March 1st. The same pioneers are shared all pioneers are important to our culture, this country, the world at large but there are more than Rosa Parks, Madame C.J. Walker, Malcolm X, and the other regular greats. We laugh at memes of no doubt hilarious ficticous black history, but when do we love who we are 365?

I'll spare you my tangent on systematic racism and oppression. I won't harp on how society often loves what we have to offer while simultaneously hating us. This is about love, no hating in the dancery, unadulterated love and pride the good kind not haughty. I know our history was stolen from us but the very concept of Black culture is so rich, deep, and ever-evolving. Let us dive in expecting! We don't have to be fake woke and super deep, but let's know our history did not begin with slavery but also that we have to make a conscientious decision for our history not to end in slavery.

Restoration. Healing. Progress. Unity. Hope. Faith. Love. All of what I hope our community embraces. Love on your neighbor. Squash senseless beefs. Don't retaliate on somebody's family! Look out for each other's kids' instead of preying on them. Reassemble our village don't get it twisted er'ybody ain't invited to the village. Support integral Black businesses. Let's keep one another not leech off each other.

Black People, we are brilliant and resilient. Let us be intentional with the use of our gifts. Let us make beautiful history. Our ancestors didn't fight, innovate, endure, and inspire all they did for us to waste it all. Let us rise. Let us unleash the undeniable radiance of our culture. Let us create, work, build, flourish. Whatever you do, do it with the next generation in mind. Our children are watching. Remember if they aren't yours and mine, to whom do they belong?

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.


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