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10 Things to Help You Grow and Glow

So I'm on a mini sabbatical from a few tasks, not a true break from all work and responsibilities, Lord, supply an all-expense paid one month sabbatical and a personal assistant in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord. Amen. While on an abbreviated schedule, a few things have hit me hard to help me use my time more wisely. 

1. When your body tells you to sit down so you can use your time to live not just exist while you can, do so. 

2. God doesn't want robotic love which is why He gave us free will. Let us not forget that when the love we want reciprocated from friends, family, partners, etc is not received. 

3. I'm quite certain that I've offended many people without intention or knowledge just like I've offended folks knowingly before working progress y'all, so when those offend me I need to offer grace. I mean when I know what I've done, I typically am very remorseful. I can't go to God and receive forgiveness while not forgiving those who harm me when I've been trifling in the eyes of God before and raggedy in my own.

4. Be intentional about loving yourself and taking care of yourself even in denying your own flesh. Say no to what harms you even if it initially stings.

5. Be intentional about loving those around you. Learn what the people in your life need to receive your love and be truthful about your intentions.

6. Find out how to be better than the day before. 

7. COMMUNICATE! Most avoidable problems exist because of some form of communication barrier or rift. Call more if that's better than texting. Look people in the eye when speaking to them. Remember conversation should never be one sided. It includes listening wit yo good hearing! I hate looking at a screen when having a real conversation. I'm not perfect at it, but I try to put the phone down. That email or text can wait!

8. It is absolutely okay to change your mind about people, places, things, or ideologies -as long as it's not for the sake of being a bandwagoner. Shucks, I'm always hip and happening. I don't have to change as the wind blows. Let your change be evolutionary or on the grounds of merit. 

9. Work at your craft, but don't obsess over it. Stay focused on purpose not solely the task at hand. 

10. Breathe. Find a reason to smile and calm your spirit. 

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better. 

Be blessed. 

-K.T. Braxton

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