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But Is It Dead Dead Doe?

Often times we hear these snatch-yo-edges type of phrases that have us all like "DAT PART!" but I had one with a latent V8 moment. I scrolled aimlessly on social media, distracting myself. Yes, I very well could've found something productive to do with those few moments but alas. I saw a post which essentially told people to stop watering dead plants.

At first, I was like "Dat part! Don't play wit me", then it became more of a thought.

As many people do when they read something semi-relevant to a current situation, I thought this was for me -not just the multitude of others the post probably reached. Then, I proceeded to ponder and go through the motions on this notion. See what I did there, hehe. I gotta get out more. The problem with that for me was that I've seen dead plants which have been watered come back to life. I've seen this happen both literally and figuratively on various occassions.

The Bible says that dry bones can live again. See Ezekiel 37, namely v. 1-14.

When things get rough at jobs, in our careers, in our friendships, in our relationships, etc., we want out and sometimes without trying to see if there is still life or a possibility of life.

That's a doozy though, right? How do ya know if it's dead or dead dead? I suppose you have to dig deep and answer if the dry bones in your life can live again. Decision making can be even more arduous when another party is involved. It all comes down to hope and willingness to work. Life isn't easy, so even if this area is dead dead you have heavy lifting to do when embarking on something new.

When I was watching an old episode of "Pioneer Woman", they showed Ree's family burning a section of their land. They made that area barren temporarily so it could grow back lucious and vibrant ready to serve its purpose. It was dead then they watered it... Don't play wit me! I ain't finna preach this Word but y'all need to know this is a Word! With them having a farm and knowing the ends and outs, they have the expertise to understand that there comes a time when you have to burn something, so it can grow even better because the soil THE GOOD GROUND can be more fertile and conducive for growing! I said I wasn't gone preach. Quit playin! Some folks may have been baffled by that, but remember the most fertile soil is by volcanoes because when volcanoes erupt the soil is burned and made new again.

When burning that figurative barren land, two things can happen. One being that, what was dead can be revitalized and made better than ever on a healthy, strong foundation, more vibrant, more nutritious, and more equipped to serve the purpose. The other being the dead dead being gone thus making room for something new to grow, some thing possibly more conducive to the overall health of that new ground. Both take patience and require burning. It's not going to feel good and heal overnight. It took three weeks for that grass to grow back on the Drummond family's farm and people take a bit longer to grow, MMKAY!

Breathe, bring your water to control the area, and be brave. Now don't torch your whole life. Go where there is shallow breathing to zero activity and start there only. Burn it, prune it, whatever you need to do. If this area requires other people, wake them up to assess the damage to see it for themselves with wide eyes before the process begins. They have to decide if it's dead or dead dead just like you. Remember that no decision at all is still a decision. Can these dry bones live again? Currently, I'm asking myself that question too, so I have some work to do as well. Later loves.

If no one has shown you, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.

-K.T. Braxton

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