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Call to Action!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hey everyone. A while ago, my mom reminded me that I started a movement which explicitly tells that we should be doing something! Often times, the outreach I participate in is on a personal level. I forget to attach and involve Young NOT Foolish LLC, the Movement 1st and Business 2nd. Right now is when that stops.

On the 20th of October at the YNF presents Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lady, Be a Lady 2018 I mentioned that there will be calls to action in 2019. There definitely will be, but this is about what we can do in the meantime. We don't have to wait for January to make a resolution.

Before I truly dive in, I'd like to start by saying when you do things for the glory of man, you've received your prize. When you do things in secret or in other words for the glory of God, you'll be blessed. I do not condone exploiting people and making an arse of yourself to try to look like a more spectacular human being than you are. I encourage raising awareness of needs and how to meet them. Be a decent human being. That's what it's about, right?

Now, I shall proceed. There are many things we can do. Some of these items, I may do while others I may not. Every cause is not our fight, but trust me when I say that you have a fight. You have an assignment. Will you stand for it?

  1. Flint still doesn't have clean water. The government abandoned the city, and the press did the same when viewers lost interest. Can you or group of you set aside a few dollars to purchase water and deliver it to a church or other drop-off location?

  2. Do you leave emergency water and snacks in your car? When you see a homeless person and have no cash to spare but your heart is tugged, share water or food. Water is life. Share life.

  3. Children are starving in school because they can't afford lunch. Can you put a few dollars up to sponsor children at schools? Personally, I think what schools serve is often trash, but can we start a clean food pantry where children and families can go get nutritious food so they aren't starving?

  4. Do you have school books you no longer need? Do you know students who can use them or could your local library use them?

  5. Do you have free time or are you unemployed? Volunteer somewhere. You never know what impact you can make, and if you stay dedicated you may end up getting a job.

  6. Donate old glasses to eye doctors who service low-income families. The glasses are a sunk cost for you now, so why not?

The list is endless, but what is something you can commit to wholeheartedly? Only you can answer that and decide how many resources you have to spare, but you wouldn't be being truthful if you say you can do absolutely nothing. Help out a neighbor in need when you can. You never know when you'll be the one in need.

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better.

Be blessed.


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