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Just Jump

A few years ago, I was visiting Mama in the rehabilitation facility. During her last months, I saw her often. She didn't really participate in the activities with the other seniors and sick and shut-in. Most days, when she ate it was in her room. This day, the nurse and I convinced Mama to sit in the dining room. I wheeled her down and we sat at a table with a lovely couple. The woman was there visiting her husband. Of what illness, injury, or surgery he was recovering from I don't remember. 

This couple told me about how they met and fell in love. They shared how they both worked for Detroit Edison for decades. You could tell that though every day was not easy like Sunday morning, they loved each other and that was worth the headaches. You could tell that love is what kept them together even in golden years and sickness.

The husband asked a few questions about my family and myself, while the wife reminded him not to be too invasive. I always know I reserve the right to not answer personal questions, but I enjoy good conversation. He asked me if I was married. I assured him I was not. At the time, I wasn't dating nor even entertaining any gentleman caller. I told him, "I'm not ready for that!" 

He made me think when he said something like, "You can never really be ready until you do it." He told me how when he and his wife were married he wasn't what we call ready, but it was his best decision. He jumped. 

Now, this isn't to subliminally tell you to go marry your partner or anything like that. Preparation is real and is key. This is to say that when we enter into new levels, we are often not ready. We must rely on what we learned to prepare us to just jump!

While you're courting a person then enter a relationship with that person, you learn at each step. What is shared and what grows in that relationship will prepare you for the ultimate goal of marriage. If you don't jump, you'll never get there, will you?