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Ask Kenny June 2018

Founder, if I lose myself in you where can I find myself? This month's question was actually submitted my sister. In all honesty, it caught me off guard momentarily. Raise your hand if you know that sibling relationships can be complicated, especially between sisters. In short, she'd find herself in my heart. I suppose this will stand as an open letter to my beloved sister. She's the only human being on the planet with whom I share parents. Some may say she shares as she's the oldest but I digress. You'd find yourself in my heart even when you're lost in my mind because my thoughts rarely cease. Though it may seem that I don't think of you, I actually think of you quite often. I revel in hypothetical conversations because I thought I sent a text or called but in reality did not. You'd find yourself in my laughter. I think about what your response would be in random scenarios. You'd find yourself in my concern. You are thousands of miles away from the place we know as home. You'd find yourself in my prayers. Even when we speak no words because of insane schedules and misplaced thoughts, I go to God on your behalf. I plead for your safety, happiness, comfort, and whatever else comes across my mind in that moment. If you were to lose yourself in me, I'd keep you safe in my heart. I'll die my sister's keeper.  Love, Kenny. If no one has shown you, I love you from the bottom of my heart but God loves you better. Be blessed. -K.T. Braxton 

P.S. I do honor anonymity on the Founder's Blog. Identity is only disclosed when permission is granted.

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