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Ask Kenny April 2017

Yes folks, I am aware that is is May. I do apologize for the tardiness, but this is the question from April. 

Q. "When you first got saved were there things that were hard for you to give up?"

Well, being saved is an ongoing process. It doesn't make you perfect, it's just your decision to strive for perfection. I still have plenty of areas to work on, while some things don't really phase me anymore. You have to keep up maintenance with your salvation. A lot of people say "once saved always saved" but there is still work with that. People have become so relaxed and uptight all at the same time. Saved doesn't have to be a death sentence! In all reality, it's the exact opposite! One step at a time is key. The caterpillar doesn't become the butterfly overnight. As your heart changes so will your desires.  

If no one has shown you today, I love you but God loves you better!

Be blessed. 


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