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Rock or Gem

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

They say “you are who you attract.” I’m a friggin gem, so something must be wrong with the translation or I’m not who I think I am…

We all have an idea of who we think we are. Sometimes we have multiple perceptions of our own selves based off of who we truly are and are meant to be. Often times we go with the extreme versions. We either use a microscope for areas where we lack or for the exaggeration of our good qualities.

When opening ourselves up to welcoming someone in, often we hope for someone to complement us or to stroke our egos. When we let insecurities and desperate measures cloud our judgment, we set ourselves up for failure.

Every open door was not put there by God. In this case, every single man or woman is not available to you and vice versa. God has ways of showing us what we’re getting ourselves into before we completely jump. By the way, jumping and taking a leap of faith are different. As the late, great Maya Angelou warned us “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Yes, a lot of times we do in fact mirror who we attract, but in what ways? Is it that vulnerability that you try to mask with your killer, sarcastic personality? Is it that void that you have that only God can fill but you’ve chosen other outlets? Get to know yourself before you open yourself up to a mate. Those you are currently attracting could tell you a little something about yourself.

Though you’ve never smoked a blunt in your life, that stoner that you attracted and somehow fell for could be mirroring your desire to escape everything you’ve secretly been hiding from and the resemblance of something familiar. But when you see this, it doesn’t always mean go towards that outlet because every encounter is not always meant to be long-term. Learn about yourself. What are you so scared of that makes you run to someone who could be your undoing? Is it that great responsibility you think you’re not ready for? Whatever it is find out, before you jump because we both know that’s what you’ve been pondering…

There’s a gem underneath that rock exterior, so uncover her (or him). Let her (him) breathe, be strong, and become who God wants her (or him) to be.

Love. -K.T.B.

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