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Fall, My Favorite

As Fall -which happens to be my favorite season and not just because I was brought into the world during Autumn, but I digress- is swiftly approaching us, I can't help but think of the seasonal people and things of life. I love the Book of Ecclesiastes because we learn how there is a time, a season for everything. We've heard for ages and ages that some people are seasonal. We've even heard the tree branch analogies.

In business, sometimes relationships form and bonds are solidified, but personal shouldn't affect business nor vice versa (however, there should always be a level of humanity and humility). With a particular position I was in, kindred spirits were felt between the owner and myself. Because of personal obstacles I could no longer fulfill the duties of this position to the best of my abilities nor to the full needs of the owner, therefore a change needed to occur. When you have a bond that you've become fond of, you hold off on unsavory topics though you know they are necessary. When learning to pause or end business dealings, we must be mindful not to sever ties completely thus ruining good relationships.

Those of you who know a bit about me know that I am the owner of another small business in addition to YNF. With this business I do contractual work which serves both my clients and myself. I absolutely hate being seen as undependable (which we will revisit in direct context to seasons later on) because of my character dependability is sown in so deeply. Because of this I seek out contracts not jobs per se because when personal circumstances arise it doesn't affect my clients because I'm working on my time pushing to meet a deadline if you will not clocking in so to speak; plus I know I’m meant to work for myself though there is no business without clients, but I’m getting off track yet again. This position was more of a job that I grew to love because of the owner and the purpose of the company. During my stint there, I had a fabulous opportunity to work under my mentor, but there was conflict in my spirit because it wasn't the right time. It was not in season yet. That furthered my favor at the then current position.

Now, I have intertwined a seasonal position with possibly a less so seasonal relationship. I'm not particularly a very emotional person, and to not go into too much detail I’ll leave it at that, however when I care I care hard, but when personal motives or emotions are involved it makes season changes more difficult than they have to be. Prayer after prayer I sought out clarity, and in that I began to receive what I asked for, but that intertwining of a seasonal thing with a not so seasonal person began to cause confusion which is not of God. There's still time to bow out gracefully though because clarity was the blessing coming upon me.

In business, there are many seasons, but we have to remember how to separate those solidified bonds from the seasonal terms. The same is true in all aspects of life. Take inventory of your family, friends, and acquaintances. Some of them are conditional with terms. Not all of them weather the storms of your life. Take a look at the defining moments of your life, good and bad.

Who was there with you rejoicing, celebrating, praying, lifting, or just being present? Now, look at who wasn't there at all.

Sometimes emotions have to be removed so your head can become clear, so you can enjoy the seasons in all of their glory. Not all seasons are super fun, but they have their own beauty even if just in the difficult defining moments.

Season changes are inevitable, but it's up to you to decide how to adapt. Adapt gracefully flowing in and out of each season even when the change brings on storms. "Be ye also ready..." Be ready for what is to come.

Though unsavory moments may have been sparked by season changes, we should still stop and take in the crisp air and drink some cider or something.

If no one has shown you today, I love you, but more importantly God loves you.


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