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Braxton Management LLC tailors services to meet our clients' respective needs. Whether managing repetitive tasks or daily operations, we do admin. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Business Consulting

  • LLC & EIN Filing

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Client Support

  • Email Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Project Management

  • Human Resource Management*

  • Event Coordination*

  • In-Service Presentations

  • Office Organization

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YNF x Braxton Management

We now offer group sessions. Braxton has facilitated soft skill training and employment readiness for high school students and adults, taught youth classes, mentored adolescents, and more. Submit your inquiry via the form below.

Business, It Is Personal

Let's jump into the personal aspects of business and set up respective boundaries. It's true balance we need to find.

Is Business for me?

Listen, we know the current trend makes it seem like entrepreneurship is the only option. There are pros, cons, and opportunity costs to everything. Let us evaluate what path is best for you. Not being the founder, CEO, or owner does not make anyone less than.

Employer vs Employee

Every team member is pivotal. We all play a role. Let's discuss employer and employee relations and how to build proper morale.

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