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​I am K.T. Braxton. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a Christian, entrepreneur, home-trained chef, and soon-to-be self-published author.  Please explore my business babies and brain children. Welcome to the homepage featuring Kenny's 622 Trowbridge LLC, Braxton Management LLC, and Young NOT Foolish LLC. Thanks for visiting. Be blessed.

Our Mission

"To cook with love, to feed the soul and the body, to make real food taste good, to openly say grace and give thanks to God, to fuse music and cuisine with various arts, to be hood and cultured at the same time, to feel at home."


Serving love on every plate.
Feel at home with every bite.


About Us

Braxton Management LLC was founded in March 2015 originally as Braxton Consulting and Event Management. It all started with one client. Not long after being established it was clear that there was a need for what we have to offer. Braxton Management offers everything admin from repetitive tasks to managing operations. We tailor our services to each client's respective needs. Our local service area covers Metropolitan Detroit including but not limited to: Detroit, Southfield, Farmington, Royal Oak, Troy, and Auburn Hills, but virtually we are available nationwide. Click here to contact us today.


Our Mission

"Braxton Management has a profound understanding that administration plays a huge role in business and everyday life, therefore it is our business to play that role well. We manage the seemingly unmanageable. We make things make sense."

Young NOT Foolish is a movement first; business second. We are more than apparel to wear and events to attend; we are a community built on love standing on our Christian foundation with open arms to those who need an embrace, Christian or otherwise. YNF has a social cause to  spread love, build community, and impact lives.

Our Mission Statement

Young NOT Foolish was introduced to the world on July 26, 2014. Though "young" is a part of the name, you do not have to be what is considered physically young to be a part of Young NOT Foolish. YNF is for EVERYBODY. We seek to bridge the gap between generations thus creating a stronger community and village for the youth of today and tomorrow. 

We execute our mission through apparel, events, and outreach. Our forums engage real people and make what it is to build community relevant to today. We put people in drive and keep the domino effect in motion. Action often happens at an individual level but bringing a room full of strangers who come from various backgrounds yet are still able to identify with one another is nothing short of magical -glorious really...

About Us

Explore YNF

YNF presents 2023

Eye to Eye, April 28 7pm

Chivalry Isn't Dead, August 26 5pm

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lady, Be a Lady, October 7 5pm

Art Your Heart Out, November 11 7pm

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